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Calmos is incredible! They helped me when my site was full of Malware, they migrated my site, cleaned it up and solved all my problems. Besides, their hosting is the best! No more offline time, and if anything goes wrong with my site, they are always there to let me know.
Alex Ferdinand - Ecommerce Expert
I have been in this business for a long time and tried lots of companies before having the luck of finding Calmos. Calmos has been a salvation, if you need a hand, they are always there for you, their 24/7 is real and the team is awesome!
Claire Bennet - Wordress Blogger
I have to say that Calmos was the light at the end of the tunel for me, my business was falling, the last hosting company i tried was never there, my site was always offline and nobody cared. But a friend recommended me Calmos and there is no turning back now, my company only gets bigger thanks to them.
Jonathan Wellis - Web Developer
I have to say that finding Calmos was a bless. I never tought the Support was going to be this good to be honest! But is incredible, they are there alway, no matter what. When you contact them, in a few minutes you have your answer. If you are facing issues with your hosting I recommend you give Calmos a chance.
Christina Clark - Digital Marketing Manager
Companies like Calmos are the ones that make the difference. They help you like you are part of their team and not just a number. Always there to help you in the best way possible and of course thy have the best hosting!
Taylor Johnson - Web & Graphic Designer

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