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Unlimited web hosting for general hosting and common php-mysql web hosting, Cloud SSD Hosting, built for developers by developers and enterpreneurs to ensure the best quality in terms of CPU, RAM and I/O usage. You will also find Wordpress SSD hosting, plans created to host Wordpress blogs without any problems, ensuring 24x7 site availability, malware check and anti-virus checks. The same goes for our PrestaShop plans, that are suggested for people who need to start their online store to start selling online and demand a personalized web hosting service.

Our Company

Calmos Hosting was founded in 2015, since then we started offering high performance SSD based web hosting and top quality 24x7 technical support. We work from the sunny Florida to bring you the best solutions for your web hosting needs. Our Linux and web developer experts will work with you side by side to bring you the best web hosting service ever.

Our Mission

Bring you the best technical support ever, our system administrators are always here to help 24x7, even on weekends, national holydays, christmas eve or new years eve.

Rock solid SSD plans: all our web hosting solutions are SSD based, this ensures you will enjoy high performance hosting at all times, forget about slow pages, our hosting will make your sites fly.

Affordable pricing: not all companies can give you quality and best pricing, but we do, we are partners of major tech companies, that allows you to bring you low pricing and high quality service, always.

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